10 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Next Trip Much Better

No one is born an avid traveler, it all comes with experience.

Traveling quite frequently for the past 5 years has given me some insights into what can make a trip great and what can completely ruin it!

So here are 10 tips that will make your next trip much better.

1. Visit Places at Lunchtime

Makes sense, right? While other visitors are too busy having lunch, most historical places in town will at least not be as crowded as in other times of the day.

2. Eat Away From Attractions

Unless you are ready to spend a lot of money unnecessarily, eating close to tourist attractions is not a good idea. Usually, rents around the area are expensive and restaurants need to adjust prices to cover their costs, meaning: same food, double the cash.

3. Sunrises Over Sunsets

If you want an amazing view, either for simple appreciation or taking nice pictures, get up early and enjoy the sunrise. Sunsets at landmarks are usually crowded, which can ruin the experience.

4. Have Backup Documents

Make sure you have copies of your documents printed and on a cloud. It is not fun to be in a foreign country without any sort of documentation to prove who you are.

5. Chargers & Power Banks

Make sure you remember to pack a charger for every single device you are taking, as well as at least one power bank. Charge those devices whenever you have time, and always keep the power bank in your bag. By doing this, you will never be out of battery when you are just ready to take that amazing photo or even to call emergency.

6. Use Google Translate

I still find it amazing that a lot of people do not know about this! The Google Translate app has a camera feature which translates images live. Try it yourself now, you will be surprised. This tip is especially useful in countries which language use a different alphabet.

7. Use Google Maps Offline

Before you leave to your destination, you can always download the locals maps so you can access them when you are out of WiFi. It is better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

8. Protect Your Gadgets

If you take pictures very frequently, you might want to get your camera and other equipment insured. Travel photography involves certain risks regarding location, and the possibility of dropping your camera on a river or even down a mountain is not really the lowest.

9. Be Culturally Aware

Apart from being plain rude and disrespectful, being culturally unaware can also get you into very complicated situations. German restaurants, for example, are known for being credit card averse; so not bringing cash can lead to a very awkward situation.

10. Beware of Scammers

Every city has a couple of cliche scams which are quite common in touristy places. Do a bit of research prior to your trip to become more familiar with the tricks that thieves commonly pull in that location. Also, do not carry stuff on your back pockets, that is just asking to be robbed.



11. Book Flights Early

Booking your flights 2 to 3 months earlier will make it easier to find cheaper deals. Also, make sure you use applications such as Skyscanner to find the cheaper days in that month to go to your desired destination.

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