How I Save Hundreds of Euros on Flights (And You Can Too)

How much do you usually spend on travel, especially with plane tickets?

Research says that a typical vacationing U.S. family spends about 44% of their travel budget with transportation. Yearly, each American household spends on average $3,304 on airline fares alone.

Do these numbers scare you? They definitely should!

These large spendings come mostly out of lack of research. But to be honest, researching trips does take a lot of time and effort, especially since the information is usually spread out on many different websites.

Luckily, there are applications such as Skyscanner to help us out.
I have used it for the last two years, and it has seriously saved me thousands of euros so far.

Choosing a Travel Destination

The most common usage of the application comes from its search engine capability: you simply put your current location together with the desired destination and it shows you the best deals for that specific place.

I use it a bit differently, though.

Instead of searching for a specific location, I leave the field open, so the application shows me which locations have the cheapest flights in that specific month.

By doing this, I can always find insanely cheap flights to some amazing places.

Yes, the prices in the image are for a both-way trip.

Choosing a Travel Date

The next step is then to choose the travel date.

The number shown in the last image is just an estimation which takes into consideration the cheapest available travel option, but no one will pay 5 extra days of accommodation just to save 20 euros on a flight deal.

Now a little bit of effort is required.

I usually look for a cheap departure day and then see for how cheap I can get a return day 2 or 3 days afterward. In the following example, it worked mid-week from Tuesday to Thursday.

And this is how you fly to Dublin paying only 50 euros, practically the price of a pair of jeans.

These prices are really accessible even for someone working part-time, which was my situation when I first started using Skyscanner.

I hope this little tip will help you get out of the paper that trip you have been long waiting for.

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